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As one of the most commonly performed procedures in dentistry, a root canal might be the solution to the pain you are experiencing. Don’t wait! Schedule your consultation at Dental Miami Beach today.

  • How to know if you might need a root canal: Root canals are necessary when an infection occurs inside the pulp of a tooth, often as a result of deep decay or a crack in the tooth. If you have been experiencing prolonged or heightened sensitivity, discoloration, oral swelling around the area, excessive tenderness while eating, drinking, or touching, or general pain, schedule an appointment at Dental Miami Beach as soon as possible.
  • Root Canal Procedure: A root canal is a form of endodontic treatment, which refers to any dental treatment that focuses on the inside of a tooth. During the procedure, the infected and inflamed pulp are removed from the tooth. After removal, the root canal will be cleaned, filled, and sealed to prevent further complications. Finally, your dentist will complete the procedure by placing a crown, or equivalent, on the affected tooth to protect it in the future and allow you to regain complete function of the tooth. After a successful root canal procedure, you will be able to return to your normal life, with no pain, sensitivity, or swelling.

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