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Using porcelain, we are able to recreate the natural look of a tooth that is either missing completely or no longer able to function on its own and create a strong, complete smile.

  • This procedure involves total restoration of the natural appearance of enamel, and the natural shape of the tooth. If you have a missing tooth that is causing a gap in your smile, this might be the solution to your problem. A bridge is a fixed solution to a missing or gap tooth. The process of getting a bridge is relatively simple. The bridge is a prosthetic tooth, or something more than one tooth, that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. This procedure is used for situations where there is one missing tooth that is surrounded by otherwise healthy teeth that can act as anchors for the bridge. The bridge is secured to the healthy teeth on either side, and fills in any gaps caused by the missing tooth. This procedure creates an artificial tooth that looks original and provides a comfortable fit along your natural tooth and jaw line. The bridge is very durable, allows for normal tooth function, and helps to create a bright, white stain-free smile. At Dental Miami Beach, it is our promise that your bridge will give you a perfect fit and allow to return to normal life as soon as possible.
  • Benefits of Bridges: improves the appearance of your smile, eliminates gaps caused by missing teeth, prevents future shifting of teeth, preserves jawbone strength, and creates a fuller smile, no staining or chipping.
  • A porcelain fixed bridge will not change your daily oral care routine. If you think a bridge might be the right choice for you, please call our office today.

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