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If you are looking for the standard benefit of traditional braces, but prefer a sleeker and less-obstructing appearance and experience, Invisalign might be for you.

  • Invisalign is one of the newest innovations in dental technology and is one of our most-requested services at Dental Miami Beach. With the same benefits as traditional braces, but a virtually invisible appearance, Invisalign is very common with many of our teen and adult patients. We use Invisalign to straighten teeth and create a straighter, more uniform smile. If you are interested in the Invisalign program, we suggest that you make an appointment to consult with our staff to determine your eligibility. Due to the use of trays as opposed to traditional wire braces, Invisalign cannot be used to correct severe dental issues, which is why a consultation is necessary prior to beginning the program.
  • Benefits of choosing Invisalign: As opposed to the occasional discomfort and non-transparent nature of traditional braces, Invisalign offers patients an almost completely invisible, sleek option for straightening teeth and achieving the perfect smile. You might forget it’s even there! The customized liners do not interfere with normal eating, speaking, or drinking and their slim design makes for an overall comfortable experience. Invisalign is also a common solution for adults who find themselves needing braces, due to their slim and discreet design. They are an effective method for anyone who wants a generally straighter smile without the hassle of braces.
  • Invisalign can be used for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. As one of the simplest and most commonly used methods for teeth straightening, feel free to contact us at Dental Miami Beach at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation.

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