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If you are missing a tooth and wish to regain a natural, full smile, a dental implant could be your simplest solution.

  • If you are searching for a way to replace missing teeth, you have come to the right place. Dental implants are designed to provide patients with a natural looking and feeling tooth replacement. Titanium is used in the implant to create a connection between the jawbone and an artificial tooth to fill the space in which a natural tooth was lost. The titanium is fused to the jaw and creates a very stable and structurally appealing support for the replacement tooth. The primary benefit of a dental implant over other tooth replacement options is that the implant is directly connected to the jaw. By replacing the bond between tooth and jaw, our dental implant procedure can ensure the strongest bond that will most closely recreate the connection that was present between your tooth and jaw prior to tooth loss.
  • Benefits of dental implants include: termination of cavities, no shifting or movement of the implant, security, natural appearance and low maintenance.
  • It is essential to schedule your dental implant procedure as soon as possible after losing a tooth in order to guarantee the most aesthetically pleasing outcome.

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