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A common experience for patients of all ages. If your goal is to achieve a straighter, healthier smile, contact us about a braces consultation.

  • If you have concerns about the straightness and positioning of your teeth, Dental Miami Beach can help. We want you to leave our office knowing that we are doing everything we can to accomplish your dental goals and give you the most confident smile you have ever had.
  • There are many reasons for why our staff might determine a need for braces. Misaligned and crooked teeth can be problematic for your health for a few reasons. Crooked overlaps can cause plaque build ups over time and eventually lead to cavities, decay, or disease. In addition to the health benefits of braces for crooked teeth, severe misalignment could potentially cause oral pain and discomfort down the line. If you are concerned about the arrangement of your teeth, we are more than happy to meet with you and discuss the steps we can take to get you the perfect smile you have always wanted.
  • Similar to braces, Invisalign, braces are a longer-term, process that will gradually shift their position to a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing position through the use of constant, but slight, pressure. We have a variety of color, material, shape, and size options for our patients in order to live out our goal of making every patient feel completely comfortable and taken care of.

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